I am a piano tuner, pianist, composer (film, TV, Jingles and corporative sound tracks) and a musette accordionist.  I’m also an accordion lecturer.

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La chanteuse Eva

There a moments in life that are more precious than others.

This happened to me the other day where I had the pleasure to play the song “Lili Marlene” with German singer Eva.

What an intense moment!

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The State of Digital Music in 2012

White Mountains, Arizona. Wildlife of Water Habitats Use this number guide to help identify each animal (refers to the number on the screen) 1.) Great-blue Heron 2.) Osprey 3.) Canada Geese (in flight) 4.) Double-crested Cormorant 5.) Black-crowned Night Heron 6.) Spotted Sandpiper 7.) Canada Geese (swimming) 8.) Belted Kingfisher 9.) Bald Eagle 10.) Osprey (fishing) 11.) Yellowlegs 12.) Pied-billed Grebe 13.) Bald Eagle 14.) Sandhill Crane 15.) Great-blue Heron (in flight) 16.) Killdeer 17.) Sandhill Crane (in flight) 18.) Common Loon 19.) Mallard 20.) Green-backed Heron 21.) Northern Shoveler 22.) Northern Pintail 23.) Ring-necked Duck 24.) American Widgeon 25.) Rainbow Trout

So little is known about these giant birds and their behaviour out at sea that scientists are now keen to track their arctic location. Steve Leonard puts on a wooly hat and scarf and braves Arctic winds to help tag an Albatross to discover more about this Extreme Animal. From the BBC

Lonely Planet author Michael Kohn recommends Mongolia as the kind of country where you can just turn up and be guaranteed adventure. Not a surprise when nomad culture is alive and their hero is Ghengis Khan. Produced by Lonely Planet TV

A surfer’s paradise and a beach lover’s bliss, Hawaii attracts millions of visitors a year and why wouldn’t it when even the name conjures up dreamy images of picture perfect tropical islands. Produced by Lonely Planet TV

Saba Douglas Hamilton, of Big Cat Diary fame, shows Steve Leonard the awesome power of the Namibian elephant’s memory in the hope of securing them a place in the top ten list of Extreme Animals. A hot desert is no match for the animal that never forgets, especially not essential water. From the BBC

From the creation of a fertile egg in a female matriarch, to the battles to find a mate, to the long biological journey to fertilisation, this amazing short video from BBC wildlife show ‘Animals: The Inside Story’ charts the incredible story of reproduction in the elephant world.

Directed by Laurent Charbonnier Music by Philip Glass

A cheetah mother, Honey and her three young cubs are unwittingly about to bump into a lion. This cheetah however will not back down! From the BBC.

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