Piano tuner for 30 years, it was at the famous CASANOUS club on Sherbrooke street in Montreal that he began his piano tuner career. The CASA couldn’t afford to hire a professional piano tuner so then Mario Bruneau had no choice but tuning the piano himself. In January and February 2007, he went to Vienna, Austria for a Master voicing and piano preparation training at the Wendl&Lung piano fabrik. After, they ask him to be their exclusive dealer in Quebec.


He also started tuning accordions which led him to explore and study its history, the building techniques , its tuning and the new technological developments. To share his knowledge and passion, he created the Accordion MultiMedia Conference (now available in English) which he presented in Montmagny in 2007. For further information please contact him via the contact form. He also teaches accordion and piano tuning-repair.


Mario Bruneau, who is passionate about new technologies, composes and produces music with his computer since the DOS (Disk Operating System) system, well before WINDOWS. He has seen the transition of synthesizers that have evolved towards computers and his inspiration is always stimulated by new discoveries.


Beyond the simple website creation, Mario Bruneau takes care of all the digital presence of a company or a professional. With new technological tools, digital marketing offers the best return on investment. Also, videos help tell your brand's story by animating it. This is a great way to educate your visitors and increase their intent to purchase.



During its 40 years of practice, he never lost his initial passion, which prompted him to "dig" further to find out more about his favorite musical instrument. His determined and inquisitive mind led him to develop techniques not used until recently such as the so-called "impact" tuning lever manipulation that is now more widespread. It is thanks to his perfectionist side that he counts among his customers fans who only swear by him to tune their piano.



As accordionist, he has also been featured in several festivals, among others, the Printemps des Bretelles in Montreal, the Rencontre Européenne de l’Accordéon in Chartres, (France) and for three years at the  Carrefour Mondial de l’Accordéon in Montmagny (Quebec, Canada) where he presented his Accordion MultiMedia Conference in 2007.  In order to share his knowledge he created THE MULTIMEDIA ACCORDION CONFERENCE.



Passionate about everything HiTech, he began his interest in music technology early on, so that his debut with computer-assisted music or DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) has been with a PC in DOS, the disk operating system from before WINDOWS!  He uses tools from cutting-edge technology with which his inspiration is constantly stimulated.



Mario Bruneau has had a passion for flying since 1974 and his journey led him to MultiMedia in 1988. As a communications professional for more than 30 years, he has worked in a variety of fields such as cinema, funeral, real estate, tourism, TV production (TV5, NFB, CKMF) he can realize your project from its design stage to the finished product, ready for broadcast.   The drone makes it possible to create shots worthy of the great Hollywood cinematographic productions. Value your property with height and offer your potential buyers a different angle from others.



Information Technology specialist, Mario Bruneau have what it takes to build and maintain websites that target and consistently attract potential customers. Attractive layouts, good content, and SEO strategies will take your web presence to the next level, and once you go live, search engine optimization techniques will drive traffic your way with unparalleled efficiency.